Ryan T. West is a man limited only by the hesitancy of the world to acquiesce to the foresight of his ambitions.  A man composed entirely of dreams, charisma and bravado.  If a sense of self worth had a half-life, Mr. West will start to start to fizzle sometime after the cockroach.  The difference between the two is that unlike the cockroach, Ryan is not only deservedly West-centric, he rarely hisses and as far as the census is concerned has not yet begun to multiply.  Perhaps that comparison is unfair, perhaps one might look at Ryan as one looks at the unicorn: elusive, majestic and for the most part only appealing to women under the age of 13.

Ryan is a multi-faceted entertainer, a sportsman, a lover and a friend. An inveterate adventurer, he has travelled worldwide in the pursuit of worldwide travel. A man of science, Ryan has made the monumental discovery that drunk people love to drink more, and he has applied this theory to the trivia night he hosts, which has become a beacon for pop culture junkies to the weeknight bar scene on the Lower East Side.

    -Michael Stratton