Make it Rain

It is really amazing what a person will throw money at.  It’s a completely long and useless list that can start with an oversized television and end with a hooker.  Sadly this blog is about neither (at the moment).  Recently I decided in the midst of my unemployment to spend the month on a constant spending spree, going on trips and buying things that I don’t truly need.  You would think based on the opening that there would be some moral at the end about how it’s important to be conservative when in financial uncertainty, but in fact this is the opposite.  It is awesome to spend money on frivolous shit.   The actual moral of this post is to do what you want and not worry about anything else.

            When I was a freshman in college I was enrolled in plenty of business classes with goals of owning my own bar.  Then I realized one major thing that changed everything.  I hated business classes.  These classes were taught by what seemed to be a bunch of randos that they took off of some boat in china and shipped to the prestigious SUNY Albany to educate the young minds in micro and macro- economics.   It was then I was presented with an option, drop out or change the dream.  I confronted my parents about it and let them know that I was changing my major from business to Classical Theology.  When they asked what I planned on doing for a career with a degree in Theology, my answer was simple.  I have no idea, but its what I enjoy learning about at the moment.

            It might be hard to see where I am going, mainly because I usually make little to no sense but here is what I am trying to say.  Do what makes you happy, whether it’s changing your major, going on a month long shopping spree or buying a hooker.  I want to end my rant with a quote from Dan Magnus, my freshman year Ultimate Captain.  “You need to enjoy life!  If you don’t have money than get yourself a bunch of credit cards and spend away.  You will have your whole life to pay it back.”