The Challenge

I have no idea whether it’s a generational thing or simply just my group of friends, but drinking games and challenges surrounds our social lives.  At any given moment there is at least 5 games constantly in place.  I must drink a beer in my left hand while making sure no one drops an army man in my cup and also hope to god no one is “my friend” in the event of a wounded solider. 

Recently a challenge was bestowed on me from Dee Palmer where I was challenged to “drinking around the world and back again” at Epcot.  This challenge consisted of me drinking a total of 22 beers during the operating hours of Epcot.  If I were able to complete it without puking, Dee would have to purchase all of those beers.  If I failed I would have to purchase all the beers that Dee consumed during the day as well as my own.  If any of you have had the opportunity to visit Disney you would know that nothing is cheap there.  So there was a pretty huge wager on this challenge.

There is no point to really write anymore about the challenge itself since we were able to get a good chunk on video.  I would never recommend for anyone to try this challenge.  I was fueled purely by an insatiable competitive nature and almost two dozen beers from around the world.  Enjoy!