Kids Are Stupid

I recently had all my childhood videos put into digital format.  Needless to say, it has provided me with hours of enjoyment watching all the dumb things my group of friends accomplished in our youth.  I have decided to share them with you as I get them cut and put up on Youtube. 

This first video is of my 19th birthday.  I threw a “Christmas in July” themed party where everyone showed up with a gift, threw it into a giant bag and then each person at the party picked their own gift from Santa's bag.  The party was a blast.  We all dressed up like it was the winter.  There were milk, cookies and tons of Christmas decorations.  Towards the end of the evening we were about to go to a friend’s house and do what normal kids right before they turn 21 do; find someone old enough to buy beer and drink in a house until we pass out. 

In the process of cleaning I found a gallon of milk that was only partially drunk.  I have always wanted to do the “Gallon Challenge”, but never brought myself to try it.  Sadly, in this moment I still did not have a full gallon, but rather three quarters.  My "Ryan West" logic told me that if a person could drink a gallon in 1 hour and its impressive, me chugging three quarters of a gallon as fast as possible would be just as awesome.  So I went for it.  I really don’t remember much from that birthday.   As time passes events usually blur and you forget certain details.  But I remember distinctly the smell of sour milk that would haunt my nasal cavity for the remainder of that evening.   Happy Birthday to Me.