Congrats Al Bundy!

This post is to send my sincere congratulations to Al Bundy, better known by his real name, Ed O’Neill.   Now I have never met the guy so I am basing everything off of my imagination and how pop culture works.  Ed O’Neill’s most famous role has been portraying Al Bundy, the beaten and broken down character from "Married with Children."   His character exemplified everything that can go wrong with life. 


Now I can only imagine when people immediately associate your name with a role there is a blurred line as to what his (Ed's) real life may actually be like and what Al's life is like.   i.e.  if I saw Hugh Jackman I would probably say “Oh Shit, there is Wolverine.”  So ultimately this man has a horrible life.    Since then he has only had some brief stints on television and film but nothing that would change the public association with Ed O’Neill and Al Bundy. (With the exception to his role in the film Little Giants, FUMBLEROOSKIE)


Then Boom!  It was like Santa got a job at a network television station and said “Hey, that Al Bundy guy has gotten the short end of the stick for a while.  Lets get him on a show and give him a smoking hot wife.”  Thank you Santa.   His role on the television show "Modern Family" is dramatically different than his role on "Married with Children" Sofia Vergara (Gloria) is almost a reason in itself to watch the show. 

So I want to congratulate Al Bundy and wish him all the best on his new role on Modern Family.  It just goes to show that patience actually pays off.