Friendsgiving (frendz’giv)


1.     A nondenominational holiday celebrated the fourth Friday in November.

2.     The act of having a meal with close friends consisting of leftovers from the day prior.

3.     A meal that leads to a night of excessive drinking, dance parties and cuddle sessions.


Friendsgiving is a great time of year for me because it is a chance to see so many people that have come back to the area for the holidays.  It is quite amazing how fast old friends can reconnect as if not a single day has gone by since we were 16 hanging out in a parking lot. It is also amazing how my friends from past and present can assimilate with one another and seem just as close. I am lucky to have so many close friends that have stayed in my life, some for over 20 years and others who feel like its been that long.  Happy Friendsgiving everyone.


Yes I picked out the corniest song possible, but how often are you given an opportunity to play Zack Attack?