The How I Met Your Mother Theory

I came up with this theory a while ago and was completely reminded of it the other day because of a horrendous example that occurred.  The "How I Met Your Mother Theory" is an idea I follow regarding the woman I date.  The principle is simple. Upon the first interaction you have with that person, would you be able to tell your hypothetical children “….and kids that’s how I met your mother.” 

This may make me seem like some crazy hopeless romantic, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  I can barely commit to a meal more less a girlfriend.  The point is first impressions are crucial.  People are easily blinded by a multitude of factors like drunkenness, sex, and loneliness. For me, I believe in keeping a keen eye in the beginning will deter from a series of arguments and bad decisions. But, it could be love, and these are the risks we take. 

The girl I met the other day was at an open bar event.  She walked up to me with a cookie in hand and asked, "Would you like a cookie?"  I responded, "Sure." I reached for the cookie in her hand and she pulled the cookie back and said “not that cookie, these cookies” (pointing at her breasts).  I was confused because she was actually holding a cookie.  What proceeded after that was a series of horrible lewd jokes and weird comments. 

Sometimes it is easy to see when someone is not "the one", other times it’s a little harder. Clearly, cookie boobie chick, is not it.