Lifestyles of The Foolish and Unemployed

This is the first post to my website which will hopefully document everything from the hilarity that is my life to bar and movie reviews. I think this website is a true testament to how bored I now get during the day. Being unemployed leaves a person feeling similar to a bi-polar kid. One day I will absolutely love the freedom to do whatever I want (travel, sleep, party etc), however there are times where the depression of not having any responsibility kicks in. In order to avoid that feeling (which sucks), I have decided to change the month of September into what I now would like to call “Funtember”. I will be spending the entire month traveling the country and trying to enjoy life as much as humanly possible.

I decided to start the month out by heading out to Colorado and finally seeing what the hype is all about. Upon spending a couple days in high altitude and surrounded by rocks I really discovered how amazing of a place Colorado actually is. Granted my worldly travels are somewhat limited but this state is without question one of the most beautiful places I have witnessed.

“You can literally throw a camera in the air on a timer and a great picture will always come out” –Eriq Hochuli regarding Colorado

I got to experience some great sites while visiting Colorado such as Mt. Evans (The highest auto road in North America) and Red Rocks. Both of which were absolutely wondrous. Sadly I had to come back because what makes this month so great is that it is completely jam packed with insane trips and crazy stories. Until next time, run and tell that.