Professional Sports

I would never say that I am a huge sports buff.  In fact, besides the Knicks, I really only watch sports for the social aspect that it provides.  However, there has always been one thing that never sat well with me: team names.  These are some of the most athletic, strong, and iconic men and women in the world, yet they often play for some team cursed with the worst possible name. You might as well have Matt Cassel playing for the Kansas City Kittens.  I have provided a list of what I think are some really shitty team names.


10 Worst School Mascots Ever

New Jersey Nets (Sorry, Brendan Awerbach)

Orange men (I don’t care what it actually means, their mascot is a giant orange… Maybe the most non-threatening fruit next to the fig)

Stanford “The Cardinal” (The color, not the bird. Granted red is a pretty powerful color, but they have ruined any legitimacy by making the mascot a pine tree.  I just don’t get it.)

Montreal Canadians (Really? I don’t think I even need to comment further on this.)

76ers (Nothing strikes fear into the heart of man like the year our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence)

White Sox/Red Sox  (A twofer of suck)

Twins (This would only be good if the mascot was Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito)

New York Red Bulls (The first step towards corporate domination over every aspect of society)

Tennessee Volunteer (We might as well just volunteer the game to you)