A Man and His Trivia.

For anyone that knows me (which I am fairly certain is everyone that reads this blog) I have been known to dabble here and there in Trivia hosting and Emceeing.  During my “career” of being a trivia host/emcee I have hosted trivia and special events at around a dozen bars and a couple schools and random corporate holiday parties.

I started back in 2006 when Bombers Burrito Bar had a vacancy in their weekly trivia.  The previous host a man named Tequila Jeff was moving away and leaving behind somewhat of a trivia legacy.  He was an extremely talented host that was quick with the wit and always had a great pop culture reference readily available with every question.  I immediately jumped on the opportunity to take over as host.  I remember my first night with a crowd that was eager to tear you apart simply because you are new.  I distinctly recall someone screaming from the crowd for me to do a Cleveland (from Family Guy) impression, which was one of Tequila’s gimmicks.   I replied that I don’t do impressions and was immediately booed.  I would be lying if I said I had some clever response.  In fact, I was completely dumbfounded.  It took a couple weeks for me to find my groove but eventually the crowd came to appreciate my style of humor. 

As the years passed trivia opportunities grew and grew and eventually I started my own entertainment company based around it called “Bacchus Entertainment”. I was doing trivia 4 times a week at multiple locations around Albany and Troy.  Browns Brewing actually would have a week long wait list to get a table for trivia night which was flattering to say the least.

Then I got the opportunity for a career which didn’t involve me entertaining pop culture enlightened drunks and instead entertaining just normal drunks.  I took the paycheck and moved to NYC where I worked in promotions and event planning and left my trivia reign to Vinny “Squeege” Fiacco and Zac Hilton.  Zac sadly didn’t have the same longevity as Vinny had, however, I blame the bars ignorance more than that host.

I hosted trivia at a bar called Aces and Eights when I moved to the city which many of my friends joked how it was trivia night that kept that bar afloat for the entire year, which might be true.  Long story short, the bar closed down and I have been left in trivia purgatory.  

UNTIL NOW.  This is my announcement that Trivia with Ryan West will be returning shortly as I combine efforts with Cullen Shaw who runs Ulti-Rec to create my first ever trivia league.   More information will be posted soon regarding registration

Check out our website at http://www.nyctrivialeague.com/