Fun Facts about Vincent Fiaccos Abs

1. The George Foreman Grill was modeled after Squeegee doing crunches
2. The only reason why Budweiser has yet to come out with an 8-pack is legality issues calling it the Squeegee
3. Whenever Squeegee has a big meal his stomach looks like the falling of the Berlin Wall.
4. If you run your hands across Squeegees stomach it reads Power in Braile.
5. Squeegee is the only person with abs strong enough to do sit ups in the Wonka-Vator.
6. If you shine a flashlight at Squeegees stomach it will reflect the Aurora Borealis.
7. If you put a piece of papers over squeegees stomach and lightly brush on it with a crayon you will see the Mona Lisa
8. One time a girl wrote her phone number on Squeegees stomach and it was the inspiration for Sudoku.
9. Bobby Fisher Learned to be the Chess Master he is by playing on Squeegees Stomach
10. The only thing more mysterious than Squeegees Abs is the Sham-Wow
11. There is a rumor that they are adding Squeegees Abs to the Appalachian Trail.
12. If you pour Crystal Palace down Squeegees Abs it seconds as a purifier and turns it into Grey Goose.
13. Bruce Lee once broke his hand trying to punch Squeegee in the Stomach
14.The Iron Gym went out of business soon after people realized they could never get Abs like Squeegee
15. The Next X-Games Motor-cross course is being held on Squeegees Stomach
16. Squeegee has steel wool for belly button lint
17. They actually model snow tire treads after squeegees abs
18. There is a rumor that the military field tests vehicles on Squeegees Stomach
19. Eggo is actually french meaning abs, since they were modeled after Squeegee
20. The only stock worth investing in is Squeegees abs
22. Squeegee is an ab double on the weekends for male supermodels
23. Squeegee once flexed his abs and gave sight to a blind man
24. The only thing more beautiful then seeing Squeegees abs is seeing them in a mirror because then there are double the abs.
25.One time I thought about Squeegees Abs and needed to see my physician about an erection lasting more than 4 hours.