Save The Symphony

I have always had a strong appreciation for the musical arts.  My complete lack of skill in the field has provided me with an even stronger admiration for it simply because I have no idea how the musicians are able to do it.  Their performances are as close to magic as I have seen.  However, for some reason, many programs involving some of these magical men and woman have been cut dramatically, or even worse, cancelled.   A very close friend of mine, Minerva Muzquiz, has a father that is one of these talented people and sadly the symphony for which he has been playing for runs the risk of closing.  This is beyond tragic – not only to parties involved, but to everyone in the Syracuse area who soon will quite possibly never be able to experience such talent ever again.   Please read below for more information on the Save the Symphony program.


 The Syracuse Symphony is facing the possibility of shutting down within the next few weeks due to dire financial circumstances, and they have issued an urgent appeal to raise funds quickly to continue operating. What a tremendous loss it would be for the people of Central New York -- not to mention, the musicians such as my dad who play in the Symphony -- if the SSO ceases operations on their 50th anniversary.

 If the SSO is not able to raise $375-thousand by February 4th and $1.75-million by the end of their fiscal year, they will be forced to shut down. That's despite already cutting musicians' salaries.

 If you are interested in making a donation (even $5, $10, $15, $20... makes a difference!) here is the link:

Minerva’s Father Ernest Muzquiz

Ernest Muzquiz - Ernest Muzquiz joined the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra as percussionist in 1974.  He is also a member of the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra Rock Ensemble.  As a percussionist, Mr. Muzquiz has performed with the Pittsburg Symphony (Previn, Maazel), the Baltimore Symphony (Commissiona), the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra (Zinman, Kunzel), and the Eastern Philharmonic (Greensboro, NC.)  In 1978 he was appointed conductor of the Syracuse Symphony Youth Orchestra and served 16 years in that position.  Mr. Muzquiz was also the SSO’s Assistant Conductor from 1978 to 1988.  For 25 years he served as an adjunct faculty member Syracuse University where he was percussion instructor and conductor of the university’s Summer Festival Orchestra.  A native of Moore, Texas, he received his bachelors degree from Texas A & I University (recently renamed “Texas A & M University-Kingsville), and his masters degree and Performers Certificate from the Eastman School of Music.  Mr. Muzquiz has composed and arranged music for percussion and string ensembles, and also computer-engraves music for many composers.