Ryan West and the Cash Cab

So I can finally strike one of the many things that exist on my bucket list off.  I finally made it on Cash Cab.  I cannot express the countless times before I lived in NYC where I along with friends would strategically stand at a corner trying to hail the mysterious Cash Cab.  Sadly once you live in the city for an extended period of time the excitement of hailing a cab in hopes that is a cash cab immediately diminishes.  This past week myself, my roommate Liv Ordway and our friend Cary Hammond took our knowledge against the popular Ben Bailey.  I must say the beginning of the Cab ride was electric.  We were racking up money and seemed like there was nothing we couldn’t figure out.  One thing they never really stress on the show is how short a 15 second timer is for these questions.  It was an unbelievable amount of pressure and when he says “5 seconds left” you are no longer even thinking rationally you are just saying “fuck” in your head repeatedly hoping that somehow that will conjure up the correct answer.  I will tell you all now it doesn’t.  With a mix of dumb mistakes and tough questions we reach our final destination with $700 2 strikes and 1 final question to go.  $900 total dollars at stake on a single question.  I can promise all of you that I will NEVER forget this question.  “What bird of prey commonly called a Sea Hawk graces the jerseys of Seattle’s NFL Team?”  Each one of us looks at one other with blank faces.  To be completely honest I thought the bird was actually called a Sea Hawk.  With only 5 seconds on the clock and no confident answer we decide to use our street shout out if only to buy us some more time to try and think of an answer.  We decide to racially profile the streets of Manhattan looking for any white male that is holding a Starbucks coffee.  (Our only way to find someone that may be from Seattle)  I ask the gentleman the question and at that moment we all knew we were taking a guess.  His face was as blank as ours were.  The count-down had begun. “5 Seconds left.”  At that moment all I could think about was “What if I had the Zack Morris time out?”  That would be extremely useful right now.  Then with the last second we yell out any answer in hopes that our luck supersedes our skill.  This was not the case. 

The answer for all of you wondering was an Osprey.  I think the thing that is the most annoying part of the experience is that as soon as we submitted the answer our street shout out goes “Oh its probably an Osprey.”  It was like after finding out you lose some dickhead with a coffee walks over and punches me in side.  After that we were handed our complimentary T-Shirts and sent on our way.  We decided to get drinks and discussed how we cannot be too upset because most likely we would of went for double or nothing and botched it anyway.  Overall just another day in the life of Ryan West.