USA....USA.... USA

A couple weeks back I along with a fairly large group decided to check out the U.S. Mens Soccer team vs. Ecuador.  The stadium is absolutely amazing and allows for some great spectating if you are into soccer.  If you are not into soccer you should probably stop reading this post.  One thing I did find it hilarious was that there were more Ecuadorian fans there than U.S. fans.  It really is a testament to our true devotion to the sport of soccer when it is not World Cup.  Sadly the U.S. lost to Ecuador so as we left the stadium we had to see the smug look on the fans faces as we walked to the train back to NYC.  All in all it was a fantastic evening to enjoy some great soccer.  I am trying to make it a goal to check out every professional sporting event possible.  I anxiously await my tickets to the playoffs for professional badminton!