Winner Winner Spirit Hood Dinner

My ex-girlfriend would constantly rant and rave about how great twitter was and to be honest I did not see the benefit of it really at all.  In my mind Facebook did all the same things.  I since then have realized that twitter is an amazing tool for businesses and organizations to reach out to people and that its purpose far exceeds the general statuses that any person can leave.    One of the best things that businesses do on twitter is have contests where followers have the opportunity to win stuff based on re-tweeting or submitting something to be judged.  I recently won an amazing prize from Spirit Hoods, which is a company based out of California that makes some sick headgear.  Check it out HERE.  The contest was to submit a picture of your-self in a spirit hood.  Please see below for the photo that was submitted.  I am beyond ecstatic that I won and will probably wear my spirit hood an excessive amount.  If there ever was a point to this story it would be that social networking have great purpose and can benefit the consumer in ways that have never been done before.  That and Spirit Hoods are awesome.  Go buy one.

(Special Thanks to Clover Youn for all of her help)