Zombie Run Survival Guide.

I feel that after achieving so little in my life I need to take extra pride in the accomplishments that will truly prove useful, like surviving a zombie apocalypse.  I attended the first annual Run For Your Lives, which is a 5k obstacle course where zombies are constantly after you.  Even with the first year glitches this event was a fun time.  There were definitely points where I started to panic because hoards of Zombies were coming after me.  Luckily I made it through with 1 flag left while others in my group were not so lucky.  The memory of Kim Ryan and Brian Mayer will live on forever.  Their sacrifice was a key element to our survival.  I have also attached a video from G4 so you can have an idea of what we went through.  Next race on the schedule is Tough Mudder, a 12 mile run in which I am nowhere near prepared for.