This Sunday is Judgement Day.

Or it is at least a day that will leave me beaten and bruised.  Sunday at 8:30 am I will partake in the Tough Mudder, a 12 mile obstacle course created by british special forces. I would be lying if I said I was not nervous.  My main concern is that it is mid November, early in the morning and many of the obstacles are in the water.  I hate being cold and the idea of running these 12 miles while soaking wet is less than appealing.  I will be running this race with Kim Ryan who has been working especially hard to ensure that her body is ready for such a trying event.  (This is complete sarcasm.  She has not run more than 1 mile in training)  I plan on video taping and photographing her as my way of documenting the hilarity that I will witness on Sunday morning.  Check out the video below for an idea of what I am going to be doing.