Super Mario World

Last weekend they had an exhibit in Times Square where they recreated a life size level of Super Mario that you can run through.  This was going on to promote the release of Super Mario 3d Land for the Nintendo DS.  Granted I believe this event was intended for kids, I had no plan on letting that stop me.  It was pretty much the coolest children’s playground imaginable.  Every time I jumped on the trampoline it made a wonderful Super Mario Sound effect while I got to reach up punching the question mark boxes.  I heard rumors that if I showed up earlier in the day I would of received a complimentary Tanooki tail and ears.  The whole time I was there people kept coming up to me complimenting my outfit, saying how it was perfect for the Super Mario event.  I did not want to break the news to them that it wasn’t an outfit, rather just how I dressed that Saturday.