The Eggnog Challenge

This year marks my third attempt at the Eggnog Challenge.  It is a grueling weeklong competition where individuals will test their bodies and their Christmas spirit in an attempt to consume only eggnog for an entire week.  Of course like any competition there are provisions to ensure survival and alcohol consumption.  Contestants can drink an unlimited amount of water and may consume alcohol providing that it is equal proportion to the eggnog.  No food whatsoever is allowed.  Each year I have attempted and failed slowly increasing my time.  The first year I lasted 2 days and eventually caved in due to a horrible hangover caused by a concoction I came up with the first night.   The cocktail were Nog-Bombs, which was eggnog dropped into some Guinness.  Last year lasting a full three days I ultimately fell victim to a high-class party that was serving Glenlivet 18 yr and fantastic food.  I will say this, I lasted 2 drinks of 18 yr and eggnog before I realized what I was doing was crazy and probably sacrilegious in some places.  This year I enter in with a stable and capable mind, as it is the first year that I will be in the same town as the founders of the challenge, Livingston Ordway and Sonny Frazee.  (Yes the popular Sonny Frazee of Sonny’s Sentence).  If you would like to stay updated on everyone competing please visit the Facebook event.  Good luck to all contenders and may your stomachs be strong.