I have taken a while to write the follow up for this post, most likely because I would rather not relive my failures for all to hear.  However it needs to be done.  Sadly I was not able to complete the eggnog challenge.  I would like to think that the cause was not based on my inability to physically complete the task, but rather the motivation behind it.  Without anything on the line I was left with no real reason to stay in it when temptation arose.  I ended up lasting around 3 days before i succumbed to the temptation of some amazing food and alcohol.  I will say that living in New York City makes it extremely difficult to complete challenges such as this.  If you would like to see how others faired please check out the Facebook group.  There are some amazing photos!  Also See below for a brief video of myself and Sonny Frazee doing a Nog Bomb.