Completely Overdue.

When I was younger I used to film EVERYTHING.  I wanted to capture everything possible on tape, from birthday parties to pranks.  Sadly one thing I didn’t account for was that videotape technology is hard to keep from deteriorating over the years, so many of these classics have gone to VHS heaven.    A couple years back I received a digital camcorder as a Christmas gift, which has been completely under used and under appreciated.  Occasionally I will bust it out, film some dumb shit and then using my mad skills in IMovie, make a YouTube video in hopes that one-day I can be the next Tay Zonday.  I spent the past weekend in bed due to illness and decided to look through my computer for anything that could entertain me.  Here is where I then stumbled upon a bunch of videos that I filmed and never edited.  So if you are interested in checking out the antics that I got into while in Rio De Janeiro for Carnival please see below.  During the trip in a very dangerous, crowded third world city where none of us speak the language we were able to lose two of our friends, dance on a bus, make out with some locals and see Jesus.