Comic Almost Too Authentic

It is almost like someone followed my group of friends and wrote this comic.  My friends New Rochelle apartment dubbed JoAnne was host to many parties, dinners, lazy Sundays and was essentially my home away from home while I still lived in Albany.  It was a place filled with some of my closest friends and was essentially a children’s amusement park filled with cheap beer and bad decisions.  The highlight of the house was this giant ball pit purchased by Stephen Glauser and Kevin Ferri.   The reason for such a purchase (besides being awesome) could be boiled down to a mid-mid life crisis.  It provided constant entertainment, whether it be playing around in it or hiding the keys of people trying to leave a party.  All in all, that ball pit got plenty of use. 

            There is a question that I am sure is on everyone’s mind that is reading this, did anyone hook up in the ball pit?  Well there were three rules to the ball pit, No Food and Drink, No Shoes, and No Hooking Up.  I think its fair to say that all the rules were broken, but not without proper recourse for their actions.  But that is another story entirely.