NYC Inflation

I can’t place my amazement properly.  Either I find it amazing how expensive certain things can be in NYC or I find it amazing how cheap everything was in Albany.  I would like to think it’s the latter.  During my last excursion to Albany I stopped by my old beer spot to pick up some 30 racks for the apartment since they are almost impossible to find in Manhattan and annoying to transport without a vehicle.   Upon arriving at Brew Crew I noticed a sale on 24 packs of Labatt Blue Light Lime, an LBLL for short at the convenient price of $6.99.  I was a little hesitant about purchasing a Canadian light beer that has been kissed with the touch of lime, however for 7 bucks how could I not.  I ended up buying about 6 cases to ensure that my apartment will always be in full supply of LBLLs.   Then a couple of days ago I was at a Keyfood and notice on the shelf a six-pack of LBLL’s and I just had to see the price.  The six-pack was priced at $6.99!!!!  Absolute insanity.  I was able to get quadruple the amount of beer for the same price.  If shitty beer were a stock I would be rocking the fuck out of Wall Street.