College to Chaos

I am at a complete loss of words for the actions that took place in Albany by the student body this past weekend.  Kegs and Eggs used to be a harmless event, where the only things that got destroyed were your clothes or your self esteem if you ended up taking home a big girl.  Now it appears Albany has turned into a completely lawless town.

 I find it hilarious because people always ask me if I find it dangerous living in Harlem, I laugh and explain how Albany was 10 times as sketchy.  During my time there about a dozen of my friends were jumped and robbed, some of them multiple times (cough cough, Squeege and Anna).  I once had my bike stollen to only find the bum with it less than a hour later a block away.  

To break it down for you, if you go to Albany, stay on Lark Street.


Videos found at Barstool Sports 

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