Paper Moon Diner, A Really Nice Call Girl

While in Baltimore, my buddy Slocum took my friends and I to the Paper Moon Diner.  Upon arriving I was simply in awe of the place.  Walking around the hood of Baltimore and I turn a corner to see a building that looks like it should be part of Pee Wee's Playhouse.  First thing I see in the menu is a bacon milkshake.  I was actually there with a girl nicknamed Bacon so really I just had to get it with two straws, romantic I know.  

In regards to the food, I have to say I was a little disappointed.  Not necessarily in the quality but rather the presentation.  I guess I just assumed that a restaurant that took so much time in creating such a visual eating environment would of put the same effort in the presentation of the dishes.  I would still definitely check this place out if you are ever in Baltimore because it was quite the sight to see but overall it's just a highly decorated diner.  Its like a call girl vs. a hooker, they may look nicer on the outside but you are still getting the same thing.