I recently purchased a fire pit for the patio of my apartment.  Please keep in mind, before you comment, that I have no idea what the legality is of having a fire pit in Manhattan, nor do I really care to look into it.  My personal opinion is that if I am able to purchase a fire pit in Manhattan, I can use a fire pit in Manhattan. 

To kick off the first night with my new toy, my friends and I decided to break a series of wooden planks and lacquered chairs into smaller pieces to use as firewood (much to the dismay of my lungs).  It served as an immediate solution at the time; however, now I am plagued with the dilemma of finding an alternative, adequate supply of firewood.  I have a strong feeling that buying firewood in Manhattan could get somewhat costly, whereas I’m pretty sure I can just chop it down for free at home.  I’m thinking I might have to take a trip to the ‘burbs to get my firewood on and smuggle that shit back into NYC.  This will be the first of many steps to create an amazing summer experience. Hopefully it’ll be one of the best ones yet.