Cinco de Drinko

This Thursday celebrates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla.  It would not be for years later we would realize that the French were not good at winning anything and that this victory is not that huge of a surprise. 

However here in America we have essentially tapped out on holidays and now have to find any sort of reason to go out and celebrate, hence the creation of Cinco De Drinko .  Now I am not sure how they celebrate in Mexico nor do I really care to learn, but here people celebrate by drinking popular tequila that is most likely made anywhere but Mexico and thinking that sucking down a Corona is the best way to experience the Mexican culture. 

I am no different.  I will spend Thursday like most young men and woman in their twenties, drinking amongst friends and enjoying anything Mexican I can find.  Hopefully that will be lots guacamole and mariachi music. 

Also this Thursday a couple of my friends will be partaking in a Sangria Off, where we will decide who can make the best Sangria.  All guests attending the party will be the judge and decide who is that Sultan of Sangria.  I will keep everyone posted on the results but rest assured that I plan on winning and taking home that blue ribbon.