The High Cost of Living

 This past Friday, I had the opportunity to attend a red carpet premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.  The film was titled “The High Cost of Living”, starring Zach Braff and Isabelle Blais.  The film was extremely unique in that it had a minimal budget and was shot in only 20 days, so each take was extremely crucial in capturing the emotions conveyed in the drama.  The best way I can describe the plot is that it was very “indie”.  Independent films allow the director and writer to take greater chances with topics and themes because they do not necessarily have to appeal to a general audience.  I definitely enjoyed the film, however I do feel my favorite part of the evening was sitting across from Zach Braff and looking over occasionally to see how he was reacting to certain scenes in the movie.   I know that many people have problems watching themselves on screen because flaws or other such things can come out that weren’t noticeable initially.  I wonder if he thinks that as well.  For instance, while he watching himself, does he think: “Wow I really need to work out more, I look like shit” or “Why the hell am I smiling there? It looks ridiculous”? These were things I thought about throughout the movie.  I probably could have asked him during the Q & A, but I don’t feel that is a good question compared to the other questions regarding plot meanings and underlying metaphors.