Summer Fun

In the never-ending quest to make our patio one of the hottest spots in Harlem we realized that we needed something to keep it cool.  In order to avoid over chlorinated city pools or wait until someone with a wrench can set a fire hydrant loose it was decided that the next best thing would be bring to pool to the roof.  Nothing says summer like an inflatable kiddie pool that you can relax in every day of the summer.  I would like to say now that like the fire pit, I do not know the legality of this nor do I really care to look into it (Although if I had to take a guess I would have to say probably not allowed).  One thing I do know is that it is a bitch to fill up a kiddie pool without a hose or a water source within close proximity.  I anxiously await our neighbor’s reaction to our newest addition.  Kudos to Brendan Awerbuch for the photos!