In The Name of YouTube

 I have a pretty stern birthday gift giving policy.  I will not waste a person’s time with shitty un-thoughtful gifts.   Essentially if I can’t think of something good you will just get a smile and a hug from me (and from what I have heard, they are quite delightful).  This past weekend was Bryan “Squirrel” Licata’s birthday and I along with 4 others came up with an extraordinary gift. 

A while back Squirrel discovered the viral video labeled Snacks on Snacks, which explains how to impress ladies once you get them back to your place.  The key is having a well-stocked refrigerator.  If you have not seen it please view the video below to understand what I am talking about. 

Our gift was breaking into his apartment and recreating the refrigerator that is described in the video.  Each item exactly as we saw it, including the hard to find Mistic Juices and Kool-Aid juicers.  We had to clear out his entire fridge, which we originally thought would be the easiest part since he rarely ever has food in his apartment.  For some reason that was not the case.  Everyone participating in the gift knew what he had to do.  We needed to make the sacrifice and eat the half of pizza, 2 boxes of thin mints, and leftover sushi that was remaining in his fridge.  Everything went in the trash. 

The gift was a complete success.  He was completely surprised and talked about it for the entire weekend.  Plus in the first night he somehow was able to bring 3 ladies back to his place.  I think we all know the gift made him able to close out the deal.  Happy Birthday Bryan Licata!