Chillen at the Bridal Shop

So I can finally post this picture because it is after the wedding, but a couple weeks ago I had the privilege to attend a final dress fitting for a wedding.  It was an interesting experience because I felt I was somewhere that few men travel to like to the top of Mount Everest or to a sex in the city film. 

Upon arriving I was immediately greeted at Kleinfelds by a giant bouncer asking if I was on a list.  I was clearly not on the list because that would involve way too much planning ahead of time on my part and that is not how I roll.  Eventually I was able to get past the guards with the ok of the bride to be.  I realized that I know absolutely nothing about wedding dresses other than the fact they are traditionally white.  I really wonder how much research a soon to be bride puts in to learning terminology and styles?

Jess Landin (now Kearsing) was an absolutely radiant bride and the wedding went absolutely swimmingly, as soon as pictures are sent my way of the festivities itself I will be sure to post them.  Congrats Jess Kearsing, you are an amazing friend and an absolutely genuine person to every person you have ever met.