8 Days Until My Birthday!

There is only 8 day until my birthday and if you are wondering, what to get this wonderful human specimen below is a short list of things I love.

1. Old School Jerseys (Any team except the Nets)

2. Sunglasses (The flashier the better)

3. Anything Muppets ( I am a kid at heart)

4. Whiskey (Who doesnt love whiskey?)

5. Anything Cool!  I would like to think I am easy to shop for however all girlfriends of the past beg to differ.


There are plenty of more specific things that I would love however I really didn't want to create a wish list because then it makes me too tempted to purchase all of those things myself.  Also anyone available August 6th Should come out to the Charity Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament being held at Randalls Island