Show Recap

So as promised I would tell the few of you that actually read my blog about the Turquoise Jeep concert.  It was the perfect combination of an underground college rap show and a well-choreographed boy band concert, sprinkled in with $3 beers of some weird brand called Bomb.    There was some doubt from people about going to a show where their fame is derived from You-tube videos.  My response to that is that is absolute rubbish.  I can guarantee you that Tay Zonday or the Numa Numa kid couldn’t hold a candle to Turquoise Jeep.  The show was beyond entertaining and the members of Turquoise Jeep were very cool as afterwards took pictures and signed autographs for the fans.  If you are not one of the 20,000 people that already like The Jeep on Facebook then you better get on it.  Keep the Jeep Ridin’