This is Heavy

Ever since I saw the Back to the Future series I have dreamt about owning the Nike Sneakers that Marty McFly rocks.  I am now so close yet so far.  To be exact around $38,000 far.  Nike has created the mythological shoe and they are selling 1500 of them to help raise money for Parkinson's Research.  

Clearly there is no way I will be getting these sneakers now.  However, there are many rumors that they will actually be sold in 2015 (which was the year Marty traveled to in the future).  My only hope is that 1. when 2015 actually comes that Nike actually makes the shoe for regular sale and that 2.That me being 31 years old does not make me to old to wear such a sneaker.  Yesterday they unveiled a Delorian at the Nike Store down on Mercer St.  Check it out HERE.   Now its time for me to make like a tree and get out of here.