Day 6 and Still Going Strong

I am on my sixth day of the Eggnog Challenge and I feel victory within my grasp.  I must admit that there were many moments of weakness, where I truly thought that there was no way I could complete such a stupid task. In the past 6 days my weight has dropped 10lbs, I have felt beyond weak to the point of pure exhaustion, and I am constantly irritable to mostly everyone.  I also have gone through practically every type of eggnog available in order to keep myself from getting sick of it. 

Note: If you are in the market for eggnog I would suggest Hood's Golden Eggnog or Pumpkin Eggnog.  They are delicious. 

Last night I had my first dream where I was eating during it.  There were two things that went wrong with that dream.  Number 1, I was eating Chinese food and street meat and number 2, I woke up feeling guilty as if I actually did something wrong.  Needless to say I am mentally in this and anxiously wait for Friday at midnight where I will be able to ingest solid foods.  Thank you all for the support in this ridiculously stupid challenge.