Some Seriously Dangerous Cartoons.

While on my most recent vacation a handful of us got into a debate of how cartoons really had some sick and twisted underlying messages to them.  With most conversations that start off simple and to the point, they quickly jump off the rails and become an entirely different beast all together.  We realized that there were a bunch of iconic cartoons that in our mind were a bit "Too Rapey" for our taste.  What I mean is that looking back at these movies and TV shows we realized that these characters if left to their own devices would without question cross that line.  See below for the list that we came up with

1. Animal from The Muppets.  He is a classic case of a crazed lunatic that is constantly harassing woman.  There was a bit of a debate on the part that Animal should be considered having a child's mentality and therefor out of contention.   If he ever obtained a woman some were certain that he would have no idea what to do with one. 


2. Bluto from Popeye.  This was a pretty clear choice.  He is constantly kidnapping Olive Oil and slinging her around like a rag doll.  He even seems to have that creepy ass goatee that is usually a dead giveaway.  Either way, Olive Oil is lucky to have a boyfriend that is constantly juicing like Popeye to protect her.

3. Pepe Le Pew from Looney Tunes.  Maybe the most obvious case.  It is something that has been joked about by Dave Chappelle and other comedians.  If Chuck Jones was just slightly more deranged we would of had an entirely different cartoon. 

3. Jafar from Aladdin.  He clearly suffers from a constant inferiority complex that must stem from his childhood.  He uses all three of his wishes to gradually become more and more powerful and along the way uses that said power to enslave a 17 year old girl.  I think it is only safe to assume that Jafar is in his early 30's (How else would he reach the position of Sultans Advisor) and his main plan is to marry a teenage girl.  I understand it is suppose to be only to gain power of the country however, if I am only interested in marrying a girl just to get status and that is it I would not be using my magic powers to de-robe her and chain her to my side.


4. Snidely Whiplash from Dudley Do-Right.  I disagree with the point that he is the bad guy here.  Yes he kidnaps Nell and constantly ties her to the train track.  However I think the crazy person here is Nell.  This woman somehow is able to constantly get kidnapped and tied to train tracks by the same guy.  Then every time she is rescued she swoons over Dudley Do-Rights horse.  She is a freak that enjoys the danger and has a weird infatuation with an animal.