Give a Man a Pickle He Will Eat For A Day, Teach Him To Pickle He Will Eat Forever

I have recently put together a list of things that I would like to learn how to do within the next year.  None of them were insanely difficult, but rather random skills that I think would not only be useful things to learn but also great to write about.  After creating the list I realized that a bunch of the skills I wanted to learn had to do with food.  I blame late nights watching the food network on this.  Either way I am lucky enough to be friends with a chef that unlike most people enjoys his job and teaching people about it.  The first item on the list was to learn how to pickle vegetables.  It is something that seems very simple to accomplish but a true skill to master.  I am writing this post prior to the final product so I have no idea to what level of pickling potential I am at.  

I first met up with Feetch at the grocery store where we picked out all the vegetables to pickle.  I essentially acted like a small child repeatedly asking him if we could pickle this or pickle that.  His answer was always yes.  Once we had our supplies we went to his place where he placed a large book on my lap explaining some of the finer aspects of pickling.  I read up on all the basic spices that are used in pickling and what the normal ratios are in order to make your standard pickle.  Feetch being a typical chef doesn’t care about proportions and simply says, “I will mix the ingredients together and when it tastes good it’s ready”, which is great for eating, difficult for learning.  We pickled fennel, asparagus, and cauliflower just to name a few and on April 30th I will be living off of pickled vegetables, no matter how good or bad they may taste. 

Finally the biggest perk of all of this is that I have now what seems to be an endless supply of pickle juice perfect for pickle backs.  It is sure to be the most glorious month hangover ever.  I will keep whoever actually reads this blog updated with the results.