Below is a post written by one of my good friends, Mai Tran.  She is extremely opinionated and saying she is crass would be a compliment.  She however is one of the most geniuine and hilarious people I have had the encounter to meet.  Enjoy Everyone.


If there’s one trend that needs to stop trending it is internet social sharing of your gym schedule. We are an increasingly more health conscious generation. I get it and that’s great. Cancer survivors are up; obesity rates are down. We all exercise. We’re all fighters, and marathon runners, and yogis, and mountain climbers. We got the picture albums of all the active things you do. We’ve got the updates on how you’ve “killed it” at the gym. Again. Awesome. Good for you.

I just don’t care. We all do it. You’re not in better shape just because you talk about it. You’re not increasing your mile time by posting it everyday on facebook. There’s got to be other things you’ve done today. Did you grab your wife’s brown bag lunch instead of yours? Step on a particularly big bug? Did you fart in a really relieving way? Gimme something. Anything. I don’t care you “Can’t believe this place smells so bad.” People go there to be active and sweat. It smells like a body smells. Shut up or go home.

Which brings me to my next annoyance. There’s nothing like working up a sweat, your heart rate’s up, you’re huffing for air and some assface in a muscle tee walks by wearing so much cologne that it lingers and thickens the air, near suffocating you in heavy chemically saturated air. Thanks, Jersey. I’ll take fatty’s B.O up my nose over cologne any day.

There’s also a difference between going to the gym to work out, and going to the gym to meander on an elliptical while texting or tweeting. Just like there’s a difference between going to the gym to work out, and going to the gym to stand next to weight machines shaking your protein drinks and bullshitting while other dudes lift.

Thanks, America. I think I liked you better when you were obese.

Submitted by Kim Mai Tran