The Art of the Happy Ending

Yet another great article from my friend Mai Tran.

Massage is one of the most ancient and universal forms of healing. It came to the US in the mid 19th century, but decreased in popularity during the 1920s and 30s because of advancements in modern Western medical techniques. However, it regained popularity among holistic medicine users and hippies during the 1960s and 70s. Because a massage is so closely physical and nakedly intimate, and because it is against the law to offer or advertise sexual services, it is very important among the natural healing community to make the “massage therapist” distinction. We are not masseurs, or masseuses. That’s something a wormy French guy does so he can get his dirty European hands all over  you.

But really, what’s the difference between a massage therapist and a prostitute? Well yea, the big one is intention. The intentions are less dirty and sexual with a massage therapist. But if a prostitute is there because some fat, pimply, social waste can’t get the physical touch/satisfaction he’s looking for from sex, what’s the difference between a person who seeks the soothing comfort of physical touch from a massage therapist? Either way you’re exchanging money for love means of physical touch.

Which brings me to my next question about sexual gratification before, after or during a massage. Sex organs are part of the body. Orgasms are a natural bodily function that provides the most pure form of full body relaxation no drug could ever mimick. So if it weren’t for Western puritanical religious traditions shaking a metaphorical finger at us from a book written a million years ago telling us sex is dirty and naughty and inappropriate, then what stops a massage therapist from incorporating a therapeutic happy beginning or ending?


Submitted by Kim Mai Tran