The Great Googa Mooga

This past weekend I attended the Great Googa Mooga, which is a combination food and music festival.  The brainchild of the creators of Bonnaroo, Googa Mooga showed endless promise and with offering free tickets it became an unbeatable offer.  I only attended Sunday's festivities and went with some skepticism due to reviews from how the day prior went.  Luckily it seemed that most of the glitches that occured on Saturday were resolved and everything ran smoothly.  Just putting the words Bacon, Booze and Hall & Oates together is pretty much the ingredients to a perfect day. The most tense and anxious I was the whole day was waiting for Hall & Oates to play Private Eyes.  They taunted and teased me until the end of the 2nd encore to play it.  Now some of you might think "Why wouldn't they play Private Eyes?  It's one of their biggest hits."  I know, but the first Hall & Oates show I saw, they gipted me of one of my favorite songs for a Christmas montage. I am still bitter about that.

Also I should mention if you have never heard of Peelander Z and would like to be utterly confused and entertained at the same time check them out below.  I am still not entirely sure what I witnessed but I know it was hilarious.