A Gay Superhero?

Yesterday, while scouring the interwebs, I stumbled upon an article that piqued my interest.  It revolved around the emergence of homosexual characters depicted in comic books.  Marvel Comic’s first openly gay superhero Northstar will be marrying his long-term boyfriend in what has caused quite a stir amongst conservative parents.  One Million Moms, an organization whose name I can safely presume is inaccurate in the actual number of its membership, has been protesting Marvel.  Apparently, gay heroes are the proverbial line in the sand that these moms have drawn in regards to the “corruption” of the children.  You can have your homosexual high school students sing on Fox, but a gay that can save the world is out of the question.  They can easily prevent their kids from watching Glee, but comics are something already instilled in most young children’s lives. 


Comics such as Archie have already done what Marvel is now making waves with, and to be honest when I first heard the news part of me really was hoping that they made Archie and Jughead gay as an homage to Chasing Amy.   Sadly they chose a different route.


In an even bolder move by the comic book industry, DC Comics has announced that they plan on having one of their iconic characters “come out of the closet”. This I feel is even more momentous because they will be taking a character that is well known and has been presumed heterosexual for years and putting people into a tailspin of doubt.  “If Superman is gay, does that mean my son is gay for spending his entire childhood infatuated with a man in red tights?”  Probably not, however I am not a gay scientist.  I personally am absolutely in full support of the move by the comic industry to adjust to the times and realize that being close-minded is not a super power.  The real questions remains who will they pick?