Instances of Injury

I remember as a kid, I would see other children come in with broken arms and legs and almost be jealous of them.  It was the kind of jealousy that only true ignorance could warrant.  Being 8 years old, a brightly colored cast that everyone wanted to sign was enough reason at the time to wish for such pain.  Obviously, now I realize how shitty breaking a bone could truly be. 

I have been lucky enough have never broken a bone, but what I lack in broken bones I have made up in spades with every other kind of injury.  I do not believe I am accident prone; rather, I believe I am victim to strange and unusual circumstances.  I played sports from 6th grade throughout high school and college (if you consider Ultimate a sport), and the majority of the injuries I incurred had nothing do to with the sport.  I could get hit repeatedly with lacrosse sticks and be fine, but if there happened to be a slippery floor in the locker room: Goodbye, ankle.  (That didn’t really happen, but you get my point.)  Below is a list of some of the highlights of the injuries I have incurred.

1.     When I was in the 6th grade, I was playing flag football.  I pushed a kid to the ground then when he looked up, I flipped him off.  He then reached for my finger and snapped it like a Slim Jim, dislocating and fracturing it.

2.     In high school, I was playing Manhunt with a girl I had a crush on.  I was chasing her in an attempt to tag her.  She then slipped on the road and fell onto all fours, creating a perfect hurdle that I was unable to hop.  I was clipped at the knees and tore my ACL.  She did, however, bring me a pillow to aid in my recovery.

3.     While running a drill in Ultimate practice, I missed what should have been an easy catch.  I slowed down and punched the padded wall to my right.  What I learned was that that padding was non-existent there and it allowed me to punch a metal pillar.

4.     The most hilarious injury is from when I was sitting in the backseat of a car that my friend was driving.  He fell asleep and crashed into another car, breaking my front row of teeth. 

This list goes on and on, from falling down a hole while trying to pee and cutting my eye to getting my hand slammed in a car door.  Every injury hurts and every injury heals.  The reason I am writing this post is based on the newest of the injuries.  Everyone that reads this blog and keeps up with the life and times of Ryan West knows I was to participate in a blindfold-boxing match against my roommate Livingston Ordway.  Obviously this sounds like an injury waiting to happen, and I could not agree more. However, we still did it.  Everything was going swimmingly up until the last 30 seconds of the final round – and when I say swimmingly, I mean no one was dead or unconscious yet.  At some point during one of the heated wrap-ups between us that was seemingly impossible to break up, I lost my balance and reached my arm out to the ground.  I still do not know exactly how it happened (because I was blind), but somehow when my arm went to touch the ground, my elbow decided it no longer liked its station in life and wanted to move elsewhere.  My elbow was completely dislocated, tearing some of the ligaments in my arm as well. 

It has been a month of recovery so far, and like all of the other injuries, it will heal in time.  All in all, I do not regret my decision to partake in the fight or any of my past injuries because life is too short to fill with regret.  I just wish modern medicine would learn some of that futuristic healing shit that could get you up and going in days.  Check out the video of the fight below.  Thanks to Alex Lipsky and everyone else for the videos, pictures and physical memories of such a ridiculous day.