Wildwood Begins Now

In just a few short hours I along with thousands of other ultimate minded individuals will head to Wildwood, NJ for one of the largest beach tournaments in the country.  This tournament, which is known across the country, is one of the most amazing times any person can have.  I have been attending this tournament for years with the same close-knit group of friends as we try to find the perfect blend of competition and fun.  Ryan West and The Miami Sound Machine have two main objectives, 1 is to dance and dance hard to Gloria Estefan.  Number 2 is to play equally as hard and enjoy the weekend as much as humanly possibly.  This year we were lucky enough to get sponsored by Stunner of the Month who will not only be providing us with team stunners, but also extra stunners to award to each team MVP that we play against.  We are truly thankful and are very excited to spread out some stunner love.