The Ryan West Curse

When I lived in Albany I had a theory.  The theory was that if at any point I banned a bar/restaurant from my life, it would eventually go out of business.  I based this on how I was 3 for 3 on this of establishments in Albany.  Granted there probably is a strong correlation between the reasoning why I hated the place (ie. Poor service, horrible experience) and why  it would eventually go out of business, but I would like to think that part of it had to do with some strange voo-doo power I posses.  I have yet to expand my powers to closing down the entire franchise, however I am working on it.  Below is a list of places I will never visit.


1.     Dennys- This place is beyond repair.  The cost of food in no way is a selling point when it is practically inedible.  Some of the worst dining experiences I have ever had were at a Denny’s and I have never been happier since I have decided to boycott such a shit hole.

2.     Hooters- I have really only boycotted the one that existed in Albany because of a poor experience, but I have yet to find a reason to ever go back to any one of them.  You never have a night where your buddies say  “Hey lets go check out the girls at Hooters.”  That line is reserved for 17 year olds that have yet to realize that wearing low cut shirts and bright orange shorts do not automatically grant beauty.

3.     Barrow Street Pub- This privately owned bar in NYC is officially cursed by my voodoo and I anxiously await the day they go out of business and their owners cannot afford to send their kids to college. (Note: I do not actually wish that upon their children.  It is an exaggeration) Talking about it gets me angry.  You can just read the post HERE.

4.     Duane Reade- Yeah I know they aren’t a bar or restaurant but screw them.  They are overpriced and unfriendly.