Apparently Hipsters Love Oysters


I recently took a trip down to Billyburg to check out Maison Premiere.  This restaurant is a pretty well known oyster house that was celebrating the holiday weekend with a good old-fashioned New Orleans bash.  There was a NOLA based food menu, live music and an oyster eating competition.  I would like to first say that Maison Premiere is a phenomenal place.   The food and ambiance were amazing and the bar staff was unreal.  I felt that I was warped back to a time where bartenders actually took pride in their craft and spent 10 minutes making a cocktail that was perfect in all regards. 

I would no way proclaim that I know much about oysters, however Maison Premiere and their insanely wide variety of the shellfish offered the ability to learn all about the nuances that exist between species. 


The oyster eating competition was absolutely hilarious to watch.  Oysters are a food that I have no idea how many I could truly eat.  It can be 20 or 200.  I am sure that the people competing believed the latter as they shoved oyster after oyster down their throat.  If you are looking at the picture and think, “Man, I could beat this guy.” chances are you could.  He wasn’t that good, however he was the most hilarious looking.