There Can Be Only One

I think I may be just preaching to the choir but I am a little tired of the vampire fad.  It is the Call Me Maybe of the supernatural.  My problem with it as a whole doesn’t stem from anything in particular like hating Twilight, I just feel that it has had its run and its time to bring in something new.  What would that be, you may ask?  I will tell you. 


I do not know when or why it stopped being popular but Highlander is probably one of the coolest supernatural things ever!  They are immortals that fight each other, trying to cut off their opponent’s heads thus absorbing their power.   I remember being a kid loving the show and movies’ thinking it was the coolest thing.  Re-watching the show I realized how 90’s it was but the premise is still amazing.  I have no idea what Adrian Paul is currently doing but some network should get on revamping this series and commence the quickening.