I would like to start this post off by saying that I have no idea if this series of posts will continue for the month, however if it does it will be one of the most glorious months ever.  As some of you may know Bloomberg recently helped in the passing of the law that banned the sale of soft drinks over the size of 16oz in NYC.  It seems that a majority of people I associate with are upset for two main reasons.  1.  They are fat and love soda. 2. They are basic Americans that are completely against any basic freedom being taken away from them.  I fall somewhere inbetween as a man that is somewhat in shape however loves the opportunity to completely gorge myself while watching horrible films in the theater with a large bowl of butter coated with a sprinkling of popcorn.  One of my friends stated on facebook today that he would drink a big gulp every day (one of the few oversized drinks exempt in the new law) in spite of Bloomberg's attempt to restrict our basic freedoms even if that means becoming morbidly obese.  I requested of him to photograph such a task and and sure enough at 10:17 PM I received my first of hopefully many photographs.  Keep fighting the good fight Chopper and Suck It Bloomberg.