Fuerza Bruta

This past weekend I went to see Fuerza Bruta for the 2nd time.  The show is absolutely breath taking.  There is just so much that occurs in it to keep the audience engaged.  I love how interactive it is and the pure energy that each cast member exudes.  I remember first hearing about this show a couple years ago when my friend “Q” went and saw it.  He ranted and raved about it for weeks and I pretty much shrugged his reviews off.  I eventually saw it on my own accord and was blown away.  Ever since I have probably done the same rants and raves, praising the show.  Usher recently filmed his music video Scream at the show as well.  Below is a video I took at the show just showing a bit of what the show is all about.  Go See Fuerza Bruta!  You will not regret it.