Fools Fest 2013

I have just returned from Mardi Gras and I am already thinking to the future.  The excitement of Fools Fest has begun.  It is a yearly tournament where teams from all over the country gather to play ultimate along and celebrate by having one of the most foolish times ever.  We have sent a SUNY Buffalo/Albany alumni team for the past 4 years and cannot be more excited for our 5th trip.  It is one of the only opportunities where all of our close friends are able to get together, party and reminisce on times long past.  We recently just completed our video bid for the tournament. 

Each year we have sent in a video showing why we should be accepted into the tournament.  Check out our videos from 2012 and 2011

The theme for 2013 was to display our team hanging out with “Flat Jesty” a cartoon drawing of a jester.  We decided to make it more into a love story. 


37 Days Until Fools Fest.