Food and Drinks in NOLA


Prior to my trip to New Orleans I did an adequate amount of research regarding the go-to food spots, and as any person who has done a basic Google search on Louisiana cuisine will see, the word "ACME" is synonymous with Oysters.  During the festivities of Mardi Gras,it came time to eat. ACME was nearby but had a huge line. We decided instead to check out Felix’s. It was the best decision I made the entire trip. I still dream about those char-grilled oysters. It was by far the best food I experienced in NOLA. The wait staff was friendly and loved playing along when my friends and I decided who was going to pay the bill via credit card roulette. I would recommend this place to anyone visiting the city. It was amazing. 

Parkway Bakery and Tavern

Best Po-Boy in Louisiana, hands down. I think during my week-long stay in New Orleans, I became somewhat of a po-boy aficionado, having more of those delicious sandwiches than I care to count. Parkway blew every other place away. The bar was awesome, and had a great history behind it. While down in New Orleans make sure you find your way to this place and enjoy what may be the most indulgent food available. 


Cafe du Monde

I found Café Du Monde extremely interesting. It was a huge space with tons of seating and very busy. I found this unique considering the limited menu. I could count every menu item on one hand. However from my readings this was the place to go to for beignets. They were absolutely delicious. The only qualm I had with Café Du Monde was that for a place that large, the bathroom was extremely small and had a very long line. Overall though it’s a sweet spot located right near Jackson Square. 



I felt ACME was a bit overrated. This is probably because I built my hopes up so high for this place and left with only a satisfactory feeling.  The food was good, but "good" is the baseline for cuisine in New Orleans. The staff was extremely thorough, and it did not take nearly as long to get inside as it seemed at first. 


Spirits on Bourbon

This bar had my favorite drink on Bourbon Street: The Resurrection. The Resurrection was amazing. Chances are a person would probably only need one to feel the effects of the drink. The bartenders were awesome and when we went back a few days after Mardi Gras, they actually remembered my group (still not sure if that is a good or bad thing). Either way, it was an awesome place to drop into.  They have dueling pianos as well as a barber's chair where an attractive woman pours shots down your throat - if you are into that sort of thing.